A strategic growth and normalisation programme

for our Ministry (Christian Missionary Fellowship International—CMFI)

in phase 3, within the context of the house church

About The Bertoua Message


In 2008, the Lord gave us The Bertoua Message as the pathway to revival for every believer in our ministry, for a return to their first love for the Lord Jesus Christ. From the various elements of The Bertoua Message, we have elaborated 31 Teaching Modules to help you enter into the effective application of this instruction from the Lord.

Module Structure

Each modules comes with a reference book, the disciple's work book and songs in line with the content to help the disciple internalise the material.

Module Objectives

The goal of each module is to make disciples who will in turn make disciples who will obey the Lord Jesus in all things.

Module Assessment

The criteria of assessment is the accuracy of knowledge (50%) and a daily life that demonstrates sanctification day by day (50%).

Module Content

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The Making of Disciples

God has brought us into Phase 3 and has called us to the making of disciples in the context of house churches. He has called us to have house churches that are disciple-making centres. Also, God is calling us to make disciples with a training programme, which is The Bertoua Message, within the house churches. If we want to do strategic work, we must come back to our way of thinking, as well as to the execution of the work and the making of disciples. Our thinking, our programmes, our institutions, and our Ministry, need to be run according to the paradigms of disciple-making, the Santa Cruz prophecy, have kemark wilting


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